First Hotel Grand is a fine old hotel in the heart of Alingsås that welcomes private and corporate guests looking for that little bit extra. Our dedicated staff work hard to ensure that your stay here is enjoyable and comfortable. 

Family Hartman / Persson and staff

Alingsås greets you with the smell of freshly ground coffee and buns from cafés along cobbled streets. You can enjoy the town’s friendly pleasant atmosphere and enjoy a rich diversity of culture and events. Alingsås is known as the café capital of Sweden with it´s unigue café and food culture. Explore it through our local market, lovely restaurants or cozy cafés.

Water and wonderful nature are always close in Alingsås. Take a steamboat trip on Lake Mjörn in the summer or skate across it in the winter. Visit the children’s farm, the archeaological excavations, walk in the lovely parks or enjoy the historic and beautiful surroundings.

Alingsås is a very inviting town in the autumn and now that Christmas is approaching our guests can take pleasure in some Christmas shopping at our lovely shops where the staff love wrapping gifts. And when you need a break, you can relax and recharge your batteries at any of the town’s many coffee shops. At the hotel, we are looking forward to a wonderful time ahead of us with Christmas preparations, delicious food and a wonderful Yuletide atmosphere and we would love you to share it with us.

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